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Hello everyone I'm Nastya. My full name is Anastasia. I'm a photographer. My favorite genre of shooting art Nude.
I started taking pictures when I was still in school. Now I am 35 years old. I had a small old film camera. I was filming my friends. I spent all my lunch money at school developing and printing my photos. After school, I gave up photography because he went to study at the Institute. I chose the boring profession of a lawyer. After College, I realized that I would never become a lawyer. I worked for five months in an advertising office and saved up for a digital camera. I didn't take pictures of my friends again. A year later, I opened my own photo Studio. Spent a lot of effort, but made it successful in your city. The Studio had to close because I moved to another city.
I have been doing photography for more than 12 years. I shoot a lot of creative projects. Now I live in Siberia and noticed that the weather is very cold here, but the women are very hot.
I really like black and white photos. I like the work of Irving Penn and Helmut Newton. I also like movies. I like Directors like Alfred Hitchcock and Martin Scorsese. I think that these are brilliant people.
2012 - I was a participant of the international conference on photography in Vladivostok.
2013 - I participated in a large international photo exhibition in China (Beijing)
2017 - I was trained as a photo shoot stylist.
Since 2018, I have been working with the magazine "Business and Medicine".
I had two solo exhibitions:
2018 "nature of a woman" (there were 10 heroines. The photos were black and white. The shooting was conducted in nature. Each girl chose her place individually. With this exhibition, I wanted to show how women are connected to nature and the Universe.)
2020 "business-lady". (This exhibition was held in collaboration with the magazine. Participants of the exhibition are successful, strong and beautiful business women. They tried on men's suits, but I managed to emphasize the tenderness and fragility of women)
2020-Publications in fashion magazines. More than 10 magazine covers in 2020.
I actively participate in photo contests on the Internet.
I work with various magazines in France, Germany, Russia, and Italy.
I have been engaged in weightlifting for many years and now actively shoot female athletes. I like to shoot women. I think they are beautiful and sexy clothes and without clothes.
I shoot 90 % of my shots with natural light. I like the fact that it's hard to control.
Photography is my passion. I really like what I do.
Now I actively run my YouTube channel in Russian and talk about creativity and inspiration.
2018 "Nature of a woman "
2020 " Business lady"
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